What Not to Say Part 4?

I think we’re one part four.  Maybe?  Anyway.

I’ll preface this by reminding you all that we’re planning on using the Bradley Method of childbirth.  The Cradley method emphasizes the husband’s involvement in the birth process.  Well, I was up at the church on Friday with Mendy and Rita and a woman (we shall call her Mrs. C) came in and asked me to do something for a church function this weekend.  Here’s the conversation as I remember it.

Mrs. C:  So Amy, can you make a dessert for Saturday night?

Me:  I’m sorry, I don’t think I’m going to be able to this time.  We have a childbirth class tonight to go to so I won’t have time.

Mrs. C:  You don’t need childbirth classes.  Just go in there and figure it out when the time comes.

Me:  (Thinking in my head:  is she absolutely crazy?!)  Well, it’s helping my husband, so it’s been good.

Mrs. C:  I remember when they didn’t even allow husbands in the room.  Everything was so much easier then.

EXCUSE ME?!   Now how do I respond to this without biting this woman’s head off?

This is the first piece of “advice” that has truly offended me.  But she’s a woman who just likes to hear herself talk so she’ll say anything.  I don’t think she meant it.  But still.  I’ll be sure to stay far away from her from now until Nathan’s birth.


2 thoughts on “What Not to Say Part 4?

  1. As I have learned with my two pregnancies, it is best not to say anything to these kind of people because they will just say more and make even more upset!

  2. I totally missed this conversation. How did that happen?!?! And I agree with Stephanie — particularly because I know “Mrs. C”. Anything you say would just fuel her desire to say more. You handled it the best way you could!

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