Stupid Sink!

We have had more trouble with our kitchen sink than should be allowed!

First, we had to get a new faucet because the granite installers didn’t drill a hole for the spray nozzle.

Second, the old drain pipes were rusted through and we had to buy new pipes and install them.

Third, one of the pieces of the pipe (less than a year old) cracked without us realizing it and our kitchen flooded when we ran the dishwasher.  Had to replace that piece.  This was maybe three weeks ago.

And now, the trap has disconnected from the other pipe and WON’T GO BACK ON.  Argh.  It kept coming loose, but for awhile we could just adjust it and stop the leak.  Well, the leak no longer wants to be stopped.  And now I can’t use my sink or dishwasher again or I run the risk of quickly flooding the kitchen.

Argh.  I never would have thought a sink could cause so many problems!

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