They’ve arrived

The crazy pregnancy emotions, that is.

I like to think that I’ve done pretty well handling my emotions during the course of this pregnancy.  It really wasn’t THAT difficult.  Until the third trimester hit, that is.  Now I’m noticing that anything and everything annoys me.  I have no control over my emotions or anything else.  Here’s some examples:

  • Craig’s been sick with a sinus infection the past few days.  Normally I’m a very caring wife and wait on him hand and foot while he’s sick.  Not this time.  I actually got MAD at him that he was sick.  As if he could control it!
  • Any time someone mentions how “big”, “fat”, or “pregnant” I look, I want to bite their head off.  I’ve gained no weight other than baby weight, so I have no reason to be defensive about my body.  And yet I am.
  • I yelled at the kitchen sink the other day because it keeps leaking.  Yeah, that’s not going to help much.
  • I put the cheddar cheese into the pantry after using it and didn’t find it until the following day.  Gross.
  • I randomly burst into tears throughout the day for no known reason.

It sure is an interesting experience.  Only two months left.  Hopefully my hubby can put up with me for two more months!  🙂


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