And the Drama Continues

Remember all the drama that went on last semester about whether or not I would be able to graduate on time?  Here’s a reminder:

There are three Math for Educator classes that need to be taken in order to graduate.  I took one of these last fall and was going to take the other two during student teaching due to my overloaded class schedule.  Well, this past semester CSU decided they were no longer going to offer these courses.  They would be replaced by three courses that wouldn’t be offered until spring of 2010 and fall of 2010.  (One one semester, two the next.)  Obviously, that would make it impossible for me to graduate in spring of 2010. Now technically, they’re not supposed to be allowed to change classes like that.  Once you’re enrolled, you’re in a certain catalog.  That catalog (class requirements) is not supposed to change for student already enrolled.  So this class should have been offered one more year in order to honor the catalog.  That didn’t happen.  So they’ve been working hard to make this all work out since they screwed me over.

Well after a lot of drama, tears, and frustration, they were able to exempt me from one of the classes and offer the other one this summer for “straggler students” like myself.  This worked out perfectly because I wouldn’t have to overload the semester I student teach, and I’d be able to graduate with my class.

And then my lovely bubble was burst.  I emailed the professor of this summer course (which starts Monday) to make sure everything was squared away.  She promptly emailed me back and told me she doesn’t know if they’re going to offer the course because I’m the only student enrolled.  So,  the drama is back.  I MAY NOT BE ABLE TO GRADUATE ON TIME.  Which means I may not graduate at all.  I’m so sick of all these issues that it doesn’t seem worth it to go the extra year.  But everything’s up in the air while I wait for the dean to decide if the course will be cancelled.  Argh.  Hopefully my amazing advocate professor through all of this will be able to convince them to keep the class.  Who would have thought getting an education would be this dramatic?  I expected a lot of homework, studying, and sleepless nights.  But I never expected my actual GRADUATION to be questionable.  Goodness!


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