Welcome to Month 8!

Yesterday marked the beginning of my eighth month of pregnancy.  My goodness!  That means less than two months to go!  I’m now 32 weeks pregnant.  Full term is 37 weeks, so in five weeks if Nathan decides to come nothing will be done to try and stop my labor.  That’s a scary thought!  In slightly over a month it’s possible (but not likely) that I’ll be having a baby.  And there’s still so much to be done!

According to the books, Nathan is around 4 pounds and 17 inches long now.  He’s big enough that I feel/see every movement and hiccup.  And he’s still just as annoying as his Daddy!  I swear at times he’s in there poking my bladder just to see how many trips he can make me take to the bathroom.  Between him and Craig, I don’t stand a chance!

Here’s the belly at 32 weeks:



See the stretchmarks?  They finally made their presence known.


Here’s an 8 week picture for comparison.  Ignore the messy bathroom.  🙂


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