Vacation Part 1

Vacation started Wednesday night with a visit from my grandparents.  This lead to a night of Wii for the guys.


And a night of exhaustion for Kenya.


We left for Atlanta Thursday and met Craig’s Aunt and Uncle for dinner in Madison before finishing the drive to the city.  Friday morning and afternoon was spent touring the city.  We walked through Centennial Olympic Park and Craig showed me around the Georgia Tech campus.

We headed up to Stone Mountain Friday night for some hiking and a Laser Show.  That was a lot of fun!


We actually hiked partway up the mountain before my legs started protesting the trip.  I was impressed that we made it as far as we did.  We saw baby birds and three deer along the way!


The best we can figure, we walked about 7 or 8 miles on Friday.  My body was protesting by the end of the day!  It took quite a while to get up after I sat down on that rock.  🙂


Then came the laser show on the mountain.  It was amazing!

One of the songs they did lasers to was “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”… it was hilarious!  They animated the whole thing using lasers.

Tribute to the military.

And the night ended with fireworks on the mountain.  Beautiful!


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