Vacation 2009 Part 2

Saturday morning brought sleeping in late and getting ready slowly – a rare occurrence these days!

We left around 12:30 to walk the 15 blocks to Baraonda’s to meet my aunt and uncle for lunch.  This was a little Italian restaurant downtown that was delicious!  I had my first authentic Italian pizza and it was amazing!  It was great to spend time with my aunt and uncle.  I hadn’t seen my aunt since our wedding and I hadn’t seen my uncle since before that.  We had a great time with them!

After lunch we toured the World of Coke.





At the end of the tour there was a station where you could try over 30 different flavors of Coke products from around the world.   It was fun to sample them all.  Some of them I don’t know how people actually enjoy, but others were pretty good.  We were standing at one of the stations and a woman drug her friend over and kept telling her how good this one soda, the Beverly, was.  We hadn’t tried that one yet so Craig put some in his cup and downed it.  I seriously thought he was going to spew it all over me!  He started shaking his head uncontrollably and gagging like crazy.  Pretty mean of that woman to trick him like that.  🙂  After seeing his reaction, I decided not to sample that specific soda.  Probably a good thing because the way my stomach is sometimes, I just might have thrown up all over the place.

Saturday night and Sunday were spent at the AVP, which I will update about tomorrow!


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