Vacation Part 3

No pictures for this one, sorry.

Saturday night and Sunday were spent at the AVP tournament.  It was SO FREAKIN HOT that I didn’t even have the energy to take pictures.  How sad.  I was sweating sunscreen off faster than Craig could put it one me, so I fried like a lobster.  But I’m glad it went.  I love to watch volleyball and Sunday proved to be worth suffering through the heat.

Todd Rodgers and Phil Dalhausser are the olympic champions and had won every tournament of the season so far.  They played the championship match for this tournament against John Hyden and Sean Scott.  Craig and I were pulling for H & S since they were the underdogs.  They won the first game!  But then lost the second.  That meant there would be a third game that would only go to 15 points (win by two).  R & D were winning the third match and it looked like an easy win for them yet again.  Craig and I got up and headed to the exit in order to leave as soon as the match was over.  I’m glad we stayed to watch instead of just heading out then!  H & S were still behind, but kept hanging in there.  Finally, on match point for R & D, H & S won the point and tied it up!  Talk about an excited crowd!!!  Both teams kept trading side outs and the game kept going.  Finally, when we didn’t think anybody was going to win, H & S pulled it out and won the third game 19-17.  It was awesome!

Poor Todd and Phil.  Lost their first tournament.  I still love them, I’m just glad someone can give them some competition!

I lied.  Here’s a picture from AVP’s website that I found.  It’s H & S after scoring the match winning point.  Whoo!


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