34 Week Update and Great News!

First for the update:  Nathan looks great!  His heartbeat was good, the midwife let us listen for a long time.  He’s head down and didn’t like her feeling for his head.  He stuck his butt up and started wiggling it around like he was trying to get away from her.  🙂  It was so cute!  My blood pressure is good and I’m measuring right on schedule.  She said she doesn’t think he’s going to get too big.  Yay!  I actually lost weight from last week to this week.  Probably because my last appointment was right after we ate lunch and this one wasn’t.  So I’ve gained 23 pounds this pregnancy.  Woohoo!

And now for the good news:  We’ve switched health care providers!  Our Bradley classes have really educated us on our options and the benefits of natural childbirth.  After talking with our midwife, we knew this wasn’t really going to be an option at the hospital.  So the process began of researching other options and that lead us to the Charleston Birth Place.  When we found out our insurance covered it we set up an orientation session and my first appointment.  Orientation was last Thursday night and our appointment was this morning.  Let me just say, we’re both EXTREMELEY impressed with this birth center.  And very excited about having Nathan there. The two midwives who work there are very thorough.  They answered all my questions before I could even ask them.  We’re less than 5 minutes from the hospital if I need to transfer, but she said this rarely happens.  And they’ve never had someone who needed to be transferred because of an emergency.  The birth center is just as safe (if not safer) than a hospital for a low risk birth like ours.

We’re so excited!


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