It’s Been a Long Day

And a frustrating one.

Today’s mission was to clean out the guest bedroom/junk room.  It got done eventually, it just took all day.  And in the process I discovered our cat had peed on the bed multiple times.  So in addition to cleaning and organizing, I got to spend the day washing bedding and trying to clean a mattress.  The mattress still stinks.  Which makes me gag.  And makes me sad because I don’t want to have to buy a new mattress for that bed.  😦

But my amazing husband took all the stuff I had set aside to Goodwill and the dump, so there’s no more junk in my house!  Woohoo!

That means that once I get the bathroom and the laundry room clean (hopefully tomorrow), our house will be completely baby-ready.  Clean, disinfected, and organized!  What a relief that will be!


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