Sad Day

The rings are off.  Probably for good.  (Well, until Nathan gets here.)

I woke up this morning and couldn’t even move them they were so tight.  Normally they swell a little in the morning, but never this bad.  So I managed to pry them off my finger so the morning swelling could go down.  Apparently it’s not just morning swelling this time.  Because I can’t get my rings back on.  And it makes me very, very sad.  We’ll see how they feel this afternoon, but I think this might be it for the rings.  😦

It’s strange, because nothing else is swollen except my fingers.  But I made it to 35 weeks wearing them.  That’s more than most women make it.  But I miss them already!


2 thoughts on “Sad Day

  1. Maybe you just had a really salty dinner last night?

    I’m still wearing my wedding band, but that’s just because I never had it sized down like I did my engagement ring. It’ll probably last the whole way thru (unless I swell more than I anticipate — which may happen too), but only because it’s still at least a full size bigger than my engagement ring.

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