37 weeks

Tomorrow marks the full term point!  Anytime after tonight is safe for little Nathan to come out.  Although I maintain that he will be stubborn like his Daddy and come late!  We’ll see.   In any case, we’ll have a baby within a month.  Wow.

According to the websites, Nathan weighs between 6 and 7 pounds and is around 20 inches long.

We had an appointment yesterday at the Birth Center and saw Lesley again.  I REALLY like her, but I hope we get to see Judy next week.  Lesley and Judy are the two midwives at the Birth Center.  They alternate weeks as far as who’s on call for births and who does appointments.  We’ve only seen Judy once, and I’d like to see her one more time before Nathan comes in case she’s the one who delivers him.  I guess just to get to know her a little more.  But either way we completely trust both of them to take care of us!

My blood pressure is still great!  I’m very consistent as far as the numbers go.  Probably has something to do with the Bradley diet.  They say it helps a lot.  Nathan’s still measuring great and moving as always.  His heartbeat was 160 which is right where it usually is.  He’s still head down, but facing forward instead of backward.  Hopefully he’ll turn so I don’t have terrible back labor.

Lesley went over procedures for when I begin labor and when to call/come in.  It made it so much more real to hear it from her.  I love that everything she told me is right on track with what our Bradley classes have taught us.  We call when labor starts just so they know what’s going on.  (Unless labor starts at night, in which case we call in the morning so that they can get some sleep!)  I don’t need to go in until contractions are 3 minutes apart, lasting for 1 minute, for at least an hour.  When we get to the Birth Center they’ll put me on a monitor for 10 minutes to make sure Nathan’s doing good.  After that they’ll only use the doppler to check his heartbeat.  This way I don’t have to be stuck in the bed!  They’ll check me when I get there and then will only check me when I ask or if something’s not going right.

I’m getting excited.  I’m so glad we switched to the Birth Center!  Now we just pray that everybody stays healthy so that I can deliver there.  But if I have to get transferred, I’ll still feel better that we were at the Birth Center for the last few weeks.  We definitely made the right decision.

That’s one of the jacuzzi tubs.  Let me tell you – I’m looking forward to it!


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