38 week update!

We had a great appointment today.  Judy was our midwife at this one, and I’m so glad!  This appointment reaffirmed JUST how much I like her.  Yay!  I’m totally confident in both our midwives.  Yahoo!

My protein and sugar still looks good and my blood pressure’s great.  Nathan’s heartbeat was in the 140’s – lower than usual, but not too low.  He was facing my back like he should be and was kicking like crazy.  My uterus is still measuring about 2 weeks behind, but she said that’s fine.  It’s consistent, which is all they’re really looking for.  She’s guessing he’s between 6 1/2 and 7 pounds.  Which is great!  That means he shouldn’t be too big when arrives.

I asked her to check me this week just so I’d have some kind of idea as to whether progress has been made or not.  Well, there’s been progress!!!  I’m 3-4 cm dilated.  And this after having NO contractions at all.  I’ve only had minor braxton hicks all pregnancy.  My cervix wasn’t completely effaced, but was thinning out like it should be.  Nathan’s head is engaged, so all we’re waiting for is for him to decide it’s time to come out and meet us!

She said she doubts I’ll go past my due date based on my dilation and how soft everything is.  She also predicts I’ll have a fairly easy labor and delivery because of how easily I’m dilating and that Nathan’s not very big.  I hope she’s right!

Start praying for a baby!  I’m ready to meet him!


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