The Weirdest Advice Yet

I’ve been getting lots of advice lately regarding how to get little Nathan to make his grand entrance.  The strangest yet came today when I went to see my chiropractor.

First I’ll mention that all the ladies in the office surrounded me and kept telling me he’s going to come any day now.  “Your face is puffy – he’ll come soon.”  “When’s your due date again?”  “Your HOW far dilated?  Why aren’t you at the hospital?!”  They were surprised he hasn’t just fallen out because of how low he is.  Then they had to all proceed in telling me how horrible and long their natural deliveries were.  Seriously?  Not helping.

Anyway.  The lovely woman who massaged my sore shoulder told me her trick in getting babies out.  Apparently she went to the mall, got one of those giant cookies filled with icing, ate it, and then walked around the mall.  She went into labor that night.  Um…okay?  But, a giant cookie with icing sounds delicious right now, so maybe I’ll go get one after my appointment this afternoon.  🙂


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