Our First Parenting Dilemma

I’ve always wanted to breastfeed and have determined to make it as easy on Nathan and I as possible.  This meant no bottles until he was two weeks old and no pacis until he was a month old.  I wanted to avoid nipple confusion, especially since we had some trouble with breastfeeding in the beginning.

Well, I gave in.  Craig and I spent a while going over the pros and cons of giving Nathan a paci and decided that we would give him one when he got fussy.  He’s a baby who likes to suck even when he’s not hungry.  He was wanting to nurse every 30 minutes at night just to suck.  Craig would let him suck his finger and he would be perfectly happy.  I’m still worried about nipple confusion, but we decided that me getting sleep at night is more important right now, and I’d rather have him suck a paci than his fingers or thumb.  And since he’s going to HAVE to be given a bottle in a month anyway, he’s going to need to get used to the silicon taste soon enough.  I don’t think he’s sure of it yet.  It calmed him down last night for a bit, but it took him a minute to take it.

We’re only giving it to him when he’s fussy because I don’t want him to become too attached to it.  I think we made the best decision for us right now, but I still feel a little bad that I gave in.  Oh well.  Flexibility is what mommyhood’s all about, right?


One thought on “Our First Parenting Dilemma

  1. I’m sure you made the right decision. And you’re exactly right. Don’t give yourself too hard of a time for having to “give in” on this. Flexibility is key!

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