He’s Confused

Would somebody like to explain to my son that 2am is bedtime?  He’s not listening when I tell him this.

After a full hour of crying (on both our parts) we are downstairs to allow Craig at least a CHANCE of getting some sleep.  Nathan finally stopped screaming when I put him in his bouncer, but he’s wide awake, soothie in mouth, staring at me and making squeaky noises.  Apparently he thinks it’s playtime.  Maybe once he eats again he’ll finally be exhausted enough to sleep a bit.  I sure hope so.  Tomorrow’s already going to be a rough day.  It will be even worse if I don’t get some sleep!


3 thoughts on “He’s Confused

  1. Your little boy is still young yet, but have you heard of the sleep/eat/wake schedule from Babywise/ Ezzos? Really, really, REALLY helped get our son straight on his schedule and he’s no 9 months old and as predictable as a baby can be. Hang in there.

  2. We have heard of it and I’m reading the book now. We’ll be starting to try to get him on a loose schedule soon…once he’s recovered a bit from his circumcision.

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