Nathan hit a few new milestones today!

  • He actually SAW Craig and was able to follow him with his eyes.  I was sitting on the couch with Nathan propped up against my knees.  Craig walked up behind me and said “Hi Nathan” and noticed that Nathan seemed to be looking at him.  So he slowly started rocking from the right to the left and Nathan shifted his gaze repeatedly in order to keep watching him.  It was exciting!
  • He (sort of) rolled over.  I had him laying on his stomach on his mat propped up on his arms.  He gets his legs kicking so hard that he actually rolled himself onto his side and flopped over onto his back.  Completely accidental, but it was still fun to watch.  It’s amazing that he’s that strong already.
  • He puts his hands in his mouth when he gets hungry.  A week ago he couldn’t do this.  If he ended up sucking on his hand or fingers, it’s because we moved his hand close enough that he could suck on it.  But now he moves his hands on his on and brings them to his mouth to suck.  Which is good because we have a new way of being able to tell when he’s hungry.

I’m amazed at how fast he’s growing.

Oh yeah.  It’s official.  He LOVES baths.  We gave him another one tonight (we’re making it a bedtime ritual because it really relaxes him) and he just layed there and looked around.  When we took him out and dressed him we layed him in his crib hoping he would go to sleep.  He never went to sleep, but neither did he ever scream or fuss.  He just layed there all relaxed and dopey.  It was quite cute.


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