Happy Two Months!

Nathan is two months old today!  Happy Birthday Munchkin!

We also had his two month well baby and shots this morning.  He’s 11 pounds 10 ounces and 24 inches long.  He’s a little over 25th percentile for weight, which is about where he was last visit.  He’s jumped up to 50th percentile for length and is still at 95th percentile for head size.  🙂  His doctor said he thinks he might be starting to teethe a bit.  All of the drooling and fist-chewing points to teething.  And he said some babies teethe this early.  Which is a bit sad for me since I’m still breastfeeding and he likes to bite!

Anyway.  The shots went well.  He screamed like crazy after the first prick but stopped as soon as I picked him up.  He then slept right through our grocery shopping and is still sleeping now.  I’ve thrown the schedule out for today since he’s sore and has a little fever.  He needs as much sleep as possible right now.

We looked at the milestones for two months and he’s hit them all.  He’s at the three month milestones when it comes to holding his head up and putting all of his weight on his legs.  What a strong boy!!

I forgot to add:  He’s been sleeping through the night for several weeks now.  He eats at 9 and again at 11 right before we go to sleep.   He then eats at 6:30 and goes back to sleep until I wake him at 8 to leave.


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