Here’s a tribute (is that the right word?) to my husband.  He’s amazing.

You all know how rough this semester has been on me.  It’s been absolutely horrible.  Hands down the worst semester of my life.  I’ve been so extremely stressed out that I sometimes forget to eat.

But my amazing husband has done (and is still doing) everything within his power to make my life easier.  He does the dishes, watches Nathan so I can get homework done, and takes care of Kenya.  He helps with the laundry and the housework.

Today he outdid himself.  I had an extremely busy day and a certain set of circumstances made me very “snappy” and just plain mean.  Well, I had been talking with Rita about how I wasn’t pumping enough to keep up with Nathan’s demand and we came to the conclusion that it might be my pump.  So Craig went out and bought me a better pump.  It was waiting on me when I got home from class.  Not only that, but he bought another carseat base for his car so that I can drive my car every day instead of worrying about driving his when he’s keeping Nathan.  Instead of getting his feelings hurt and being upset that I was so mean to him, he went out and did everything possible to relieve my stress.

Is he not amazing?!


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