Nathan Meets His Great-Grandparents

Well, half of them.  Craig’s half.


Nathan, Craig, Pappaw, and Miss Dot (Pappaw’s wife).


Relaxing with Pappaw


The Brett Four Generations Picture


Aunt Karen with Nathan, Granddaddy, and Aunt Janice with Ivalee.


The Moss Four Generations Picture



This is my favorite picture of the whole weekend.  Thanks for capturing it, Rita!  I love that grin!

The trip went great.  We left around lunch time on Friday (I still haven’t mastered leaving on time) and arrived in Madison, GA around 6 to visit with Pappaw and Dot (Craig’s maternal grandfather).  Rita and Ivalee (along with Craig’s parents) arrived late Friday night.  We stayed with them Friday night and left around lunchtime to head to Ellijay to see his dad’s side of the family.  We mets his aunts at their yarnshop (heaven!) and then headed out to see Craig’s grandmother, who is in a nursing home in the area.  We had an awesome visit with her over dinner and then headed to the aunts’ house for the night.  (Side note here:  their house is AMAZING.  My dream house!)  We stayed Saturday night with them and spend a good bit of Sunday with them.  We left around 2 to head home.

And here’s where things get interesting.  Craig and I got stuck in traffic.  Stand-still traffic for about 30 minutes.  Poor little Nathan was sick and tired of being in his carseat and was screaming his head off.  So I jumped in the backseat, got him out of his carseat and changed his diaper.  (We moved maybe 5 mph at the most, so I wasn’t worried about his safety.  His tears were beginning to get to me.)  The diaper change didn’t make him feel any better and I was starting to cry because he was so upset, so I nursed him to sleep in the backseat while sitting in traffic.  He went to sleep and I put him back in his carseat and strapped him in.  He did great the rest of the way.

And then, 10 minutes from home, we hit a dog.  😦  It ran across the road right in front of us.  There was nothing Craig could do to avoid it without putting us in danger, so we had to hit it.  And I balled my eyes out.  We ended up going to a friend of Rita’s who lives right there and borrowing a flashlight from them.  I just wanted to make sure the dog wasn’t laying on the side of the road dying alone.  I couldn’t have let that happen.  But we couldn’t find him, so I’m assuming the best in thinking that we just clipped his leg or something and that he and his friend found their way home.  Thankfully it wasn’t a deer!  That probably would have caused some major damage.

All in all it was a fantastic trip.  But I could have done without hitting the poor doggie.


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