It’s Official.

Nathan is teething.  After an extremely fussy weekend we took him to his pediatrician to check for an ear infection or other problem.  His ears look great, his lungs are good, his stomach feels fine, and his throat is good.  So that leaves teething or reflux. He said he’s pretty sure it’s not reflux because he’s not spitting up and it’s rare for reflux to start at 4 months.  That leaves teething.  He felt around in his mouth and doesn’t feel any teeth cutting but hesitated when feeling his top teeth.  Apparently one feels close to breaking through?

Anyway.  We tried some baby orajel when he got fussy this afternoon and he went to sleep as soon as it kicked in.  I ordered an Amber Teething Necklace last night and it will hopefully be here tomorrow or Wednesday.  I’ve heard wonderful things about them.

Until then we’re praying he gets through this soon.  The poor kid is just miserable.


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