Five Months!

Nathan is five months old today!  Where does the time go??!!

And so that I don’t forget anything later on, here’s a list of what he can do right now:

  • Roll from tummy to back (and almost from back to tummy, he just can’t figure out how to get around the elbow.)
  • Sit up supported for long periods of time.
  • Sit up unsupported for a few seconds before toppling over.  🙂
  • Stand supported for long periods of time.
  • Pull up on our hands to a standing position.
  • Reach for and grab his toys. His newest thing is spinning the ball on his high chair tray.  Drives me crazy because it distracts him from eating.  🙂
  • Jump in his horse, his exersaucer, and while being held.  He loves to jump.
  • Smile at almost everyone when they talk to him.
  • Laugh at Mommy and Daddy.

This is just amazing to me because I still remember bring him home and him not being able to do anything but hold his head up.  I can’t believe how fast he’s growing!

He seems to finally be establishing a set sleep schedule.  I’ve been working hard with it since we got home and it seems to be helping his mood as well.  He wakes up at 8:30 and nurses and then gets cereal and fruit.  Then we play and do housework until he goes down at 10:30 for a nap.  (He even puts himself to sleep without crying!!)  Eats again at 12:30 and goes down for a nap between 2:30 and 3.  Eats again at 4:30 and sometimes takes a short nap around 7:30 before eating again at 8:30.  (I think I might try to eliminate this nap altogether to help him sleep better at night.)  He gets a bath and a story after dinner and then goes to sleep.  Dream feed at 10:30 and hopefully he sleeps through the night.  The sleeping through the night part is still iffy, maybe eliminating that late nap will help.  He gets a snack at 6 when he wakes up,  and goes back to sleep until 8:30.  Right now he’s nursing 6 times a day (hopefully he’ll drop that 6am snack soon) and getting solids 3 times a day.

Such a big boy!


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