Seven Months

Happy Seven Month-day, Nathan!

I don’t have any stats, sorry.  Nathan won’t be back at the doctor until 9 months (hopefully – as long as he stays healthy).  However, I DO have some updates.

At 7 months Nathan:

  • Easily recognizes Mommy and Daddy, both looking at us and hearing us talk.
  • Also recognizes Grandma, Grandpa, Gran, Grandaddy, Aunt Kelly, and Cousin Ivalee.
  • Has developed a small case of attachment issues when Mommy and/or Daddy leave the room.
  • Gives smiles freely.
  • Laughs at just about anything Mommy does.  (Peek-a-boo, silly faces, flying, tickling)
  • Still eats anything, but is favoring cereal and applesauce over other foods.
  • Has two teeth and appears to be getting another.
  • Sits unassisted for a few minutes at a time.
  • Prefers to lay on his back rather than his belly.  He rolls whenever we lay him down.
  • Has developed a new fascination with textures.
  • Loves to watch the puppy and kitties and even reaches for them to touch them.


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