Yes, I’m Crazy

Today was my first day of Spring Break.

Now…do you think I spent my day relaxing?  It would have been nice.  Instead, after an incredibly boring Friday night, I decided to get busy with my to-do list.  This is what I accomplished in ONE DAY.

  • Weeded the flower gardens.  Too bad there aren’t any flowers in them.
  • Swept an unending layer of pollen off the front porch.
  • Had a picnic in the newly mowed front yard with Craig and Nathan.
  • Took a mini-nap outside after said picnic.
  • Cleared out the junk room guest bedroom.
  • Pulled up the carpet (and carpet tacks) in the guest bedroom.
  • Attempted to clean cat pee stains and odors out of the hardwood floor in the guest bedroom.  (This was the whole reason the carpet came up in the first place…cat pee STINKS.)
  • Began organizing craft supplies for my new project: the craft closet.

So that was my Saturday.  And now I’m exhausted.


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