9 months

Our Little Munchkin turned 9 months old on Saturday.  NINE MONTHS.  That’s three months from one year.  I’m  just astounded by that.

Anyway. Our nine-month-old loves:


And his dump truck.


And being outside.

He’s a cutie pie.  And no, I’m not biased at all.

Here’s what he’s doing at 9 months:

  • He eats anything we give him.  He loves chicken, squash, pears, puffs, and cheerios.
  • He feeds himself.  He’s fully mastered the pincer grasp and very rarely does he miss his mouth when feeding himself.
  • He holds his sippy cup occasionally.  He’s not a big fan.
  • He isn’t crawling yet.  Craig and I were talking the other day and we’re convinced that God is holding him off for now.  If Nathan was able to crawl during all of our kitchen remodeling I wouldn’t have survived the past two weeks chasing him down.  More proof that He knows what He’s doing.  🙂
  • He has four teeth.  Two on the bottom and two up top.  They’ve all broken through and are sharp!
  • He’s reaching for people that he recognizes.  Although Daddy’s still his favorite.
  • He has the best personality.  Even when sick he’s in a pretty good mood.
  • He gets super excited about his books, his Baby Signs DVD, and the cats.

He’s pretty much the cutest kid ever.


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