10 Months

Nathan is now 10 months old!  That’s only two away from ONE YEAR!  Eeek!

At ten months Nathan weighs 19 pounds and still eats more than I ever imagined he could!

His new accomplishments since my 9 month post:

  • He’s a full-on army crawling.  He digs in his toes, plants his hands firmly on the floor and pulls/pushes himself along the floor.  He refuses to even consider pulling his knees up under him.  Who can blame him?  He knows his way works.
  • He holds himself up while standing, but is not yet pulling himself up on his own.
  • Has a full blown case of separation/stranger anxiety.  Sometimes it drives me crazy!

He still smiles about a million times a day (no lie!) and laughs almost as much.

I think we’ll keep him.  🙂


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