An Eating Machine

It’s come to my attention that Nathan eats more food than most babies his age.  Here’s an example:

For breakfast the other morning he nursed and then consumed all of the following:

  • A Blueberry NutriGrain Granola Bar
  • A handful of Cheerios
  • Another Blueberry NutriGrain Granola Bar (after signing “more” until I gave in and broke up another one)
  • Two handfuls of blueberries (his favorite)
  • Some more Cheerios
  • Apple juice water

His typical lunch menu consists of:

  • A 7-8 ounce bottle
  • A piece of wheat bread
  • A slice of American Cheese or String Cheese
  • Some sort of fruit (blueberries if he had his wish)
  • Yogurt or cottage cheese

For dinner he eats a six ounce bottle and whatever we’re having.

And even after all of this eating he is still smaller than most of the babies his age.  This boy has a killer metabolism!!!


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