11 Months

Our Munchkin turned 11 months old today.  In ONE MONTH he’ll be a year old.  Crazy.

Here’s his recent accomplishments:

  • He moves faster than any other belly crawler I’ve ever seen.  Yes, he still army crawls.
  • He pulls up on people, couches, and his truck, but hasn’t developed the confidence to try anything else just yet.
  • Can get from laying on his belly to sitting and back down.
  • Says “uh oh”, “cat”, and “Da Da”
  • Signs “more” and “duck”
  • Still eats everything in sight.
  • Drinks small amounts of whole milk and LOTS of water
  • Takes itty bitty steps while holding onto things.
  • Likes to roll and throw balls.
  • Has a special bond with his Daddy.

And he LOVES water.  Even ice cold water straight out of the hose makes him happy.  He’s definitely his Daddy’s boy.


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