Back to the Real World

We returned yesterday from a vacation to Oahu, Hawaii.  Yes, you read the right.  Craig, Nathan, and I, along with my parents and sister, went to visit my grandparents who currently live there.  After a week+ of vacation, I’m not quite ready to jump back into the real world.  We had a great time, for the most part.  (There were times when my preggo, jet-lagged, hormones put a damper on things, but that was to be expected.)  Having taken a break from blogging for over a week, and having seen some pretty amazing sights, I hope to have some fun blogs up over the next week or so.

Want a sneak peak?

  • Pictures and descriptions of our wonderful vacation.  I hope not to overload your computers in the process.
  • Baby #2 update and pregnancy musings
  • A Nathan update along with an upcoming Happy Birthday post!
  • My potential new business ventures.  Yes, that is plural.
  • The cloth diaper journey

Until then, I’m off to unpack, wash some clothes, and clean the house.  The part of vacation I wish I hadn’t left behind!  🙂


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