12 months!

Our baby boy is now 12 months old.  I can’t believe it!  He’s growing up so fast, and yet it seems like he’s been with us for much longer than just 12 months.  We had a great birthday for him, about which I will post later.  For now I thought I’d update everybody on how the little man’s doing.

At 12 months Nathan is:

– Cross-crawling on his knees!  Finally!  But not all the time.  When he’s in a hurry he flops right back down to his belly and takes off.

– Walking holding onto our hands.  And somewhat behind his toys until he gets going fast and can’t keep up.  Then he panics, sits down, and starts crying.

– Cruising on furniture.

– Pulling up on EVERYTHING and getting into EVERYTHING.  He loves to pull the drawers out on the hutch in our dining room and slam the cabinet doors under the entertainment system in the living room.

– Standing for several moments on his own.  He can even clap and stand at the same time now!  He’s very proud of himself.

– Saying “uh oh”, “dada”, and sometimes “mama”.  He’s stopped saying “cat” for some reason.

– Signing more and clapping.

– Is slowing down with his eating.  He still eats more than I ever thought possible for a one-year-0ld, but not as much as he used to eat.

– Pointing at things he wants.

– No longer nursing.  He stopped a couple of weeks ago by his own choice.  And I’m okay with that.  Gives me a break before the next one comes.  🙂

He’s growing up.  WAY too fast.  But I’m still loving every minute of it!


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