How About a Cloth Diaper Update?

It’s been awhile since I’ve written about these.

We’ve been using cloth diapers again for about two weeks now part time.  Today starts the full time journey with them now that I’m home with Nathan all day (yay!).  Here’s what I’ve discovered so far.


  • We’re saving money.  Always a plus.
  • I feel better about Nathan wearing cloth.  When I have to put him in disposables, I feel bad.  Rough paper wrapped around his butt just can’t be comfortable!
  • They come clean so much easier than I thought they would!
  • They’re cute.
  • They’re very easy to use.  Even the prefolds aren’t bad.


  • I don’t like laundry.  Never have.  But we have yet to run out of clean diapers, so it’s not stopping me.
  • There’s something about dumping nasty poop in the toilet and then rinsing the diaper off that just completely grosses me out.  I think that’s only because I’m pregnant and gag easily though.  There have been many times that this process had led to me running to the other bathroom to puke.  For this reason we had three poopy diapers sitting in our bathroom waiting to be dumped and rinsed before I could talk myself into do this.

My Favorite Products:

  • Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers!  They’re SOOOOO soft.  I got them onsale for really cheap and am glad I invested in them!
  • Flips.  The covers are cute and you can just change out the inserts when they get wet.  Very easy.  And they dry quickly.
  • The sun.  It takes out stains.  Yay!

My least favorite products:

  • Prefolds.  They’re just not as absorbent as other diapers, obviously.  But they still work in a pinch.
  • Liners.  We ordered some liners to try to avoid the diaper-spraying-nastiness.  They don’t work.  They just get twisted up in the diaper and don’t catch anything.  Maybe it’s the brand I tried.  We’ll be trying a new brand shortly.

All that said, I’m still glad we’re using cloth.  Ask me again when the second baby comes along.  I may be regretting it then.  🙂


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