16 weeks

We haven’t quite make the sixteen week mark yet, but we had our appointment today.  I got to see the other midwife, Judy, today.  We hadn’t met with her this pregnancy, so she was excited to see us again.  She had fun playing with Nathan and watching him try to tear up the birth center.  Nathan laughed at the heartbeat and Judy got him to say “baby”.  It was so cute!

I’m measuring right where I should be even though I haven’t gained ANY weight yet.  She said she’s not concerned as long as I’m eating well.  We heard the heartbeat right away.  It’s been in the 160’s at both appointments – right where Nathan’s was for most of my pregnancy with him.

I’m finally starting to feel better, so it’s time to get started with the Bradley diet.  It was rough for me with Nathan to stick to the diet because it involves eating SO MUCH protein.  But the health benefits for both me and baby are so awesome, I’ll be doing it again.  I’m supposed to eat 80-100 grams of protein DAILY.  That’s hard!  Wish me luck.

Yes, we’re going for a natural childbirth again this time.  Yes, we will be delivering at the Birth Center again as long as everything progresses normally.  Yes, I know most of you think we’re crazy.  And that’s okay.  We know that we’re making the BEST decision for my health and our baby’s health.  And that’s all that matters.


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