Mr. Polite

This story happened a couple of days ago, but I want to get it in writing so that I don’t forget it.  It still makes me and Craig laugh.

Background:  About a week ago, Craig taught Nathan how to say “thank you”.  Nathan’s not quite straight on what it means, but he knows that it should be said when someone gets something.  (He generally says it when he wants what we have.)  He’s now started this “game” where he’ll say “thank you” and hand us something.  He then smiles really big and takes it back.  This process goes on and on until (if it’s food) he eventually eats it or we get tired of the game and hide the item.

The story:  We were sitting at the table a few nights ago having dinner.  Nathan started his game several times with different pieces of food.  At one point, Craig and I were both talking and didn’t play his game with him.  So he held his piece of toast out to our dog, Kenya.  The next thing we knew he was saying “thank you” and handing her his toast.  Kenya, however, doesn’t know how the game works and promptly ate the toast.  Poor Nathan watched the whole thing and immediately burst into tears. Not just a little sniffle, but full-blown, rain-drop-sized tears.  Poor kid.

We still have some work to do on “thank you”.  🙂


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