It’s a Girl!

We had our 20 week anatomy ultrasound today.  And, while Craig and I both thought this baby was a boy, she’s not!  She’s a girl!  She’s measuring a day ahead and looks great.  Her name is Alexandra Marie (we’ll call her Alex).  My 20 week appt is next Monday, so I’ll be able to give you more details then.  We had our ultrasound this morning and then went out to lunch to celebrate.  (Yay, Firehouse Subs!)  Then we went to BRU and Target and bought her first outfit and her first pair of jeans.  I’m discovering just how much more clothing there is out there for little girls than little boys!  It’s a good thing I have a budget to stick to!

Now I’m busy trying to figure out how to create a toddler bedroom and little girl nursery all in one room.  Don’t worry, I’ll know we’ll make it work.  🙂


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