Cloth Diaper Stash

How about an update on my cloth diaper stash?  I’ll even throw in an amateur review for free!  😉

We’ve been cloth diapering full time for almost two months now.  (I use the term full time loosely: he still wears disposables in the church nursery and if I forget to do diaper laundry.)  I can get by doing laundry every 3 days, but generally do it every two just to be safe.  We’ll be ordering BUNCH more diapers for Alex and some for Nathan since they’ll both be in diapers for probably a year.  Here’s our stash, minus several diapers that are either in the pail or on the bum.

Left to right:  *Indian Prefolds.  We have 12 of the large size.  To go with those: 1 Thirsties Fitted Cover and 1 Thirsties Duo cover (not pictured).  3 Fuzzi Bunz sized diapers (1 not pictured).  1 Knickernappies one size.  Below that are my Flip inserts (we have 6) and a cover.  I have two Flip covers.  We also have 1 Bum Genious 3.0 one size.  After that are 2 Katydid one size diapers and a Cutey Baby sized diaper.  Last but not least, 2 Kawaii Baby one size diapers.  And, not pictured, a softbums diaper.

Here’s what I think of my stash.

– The prefolds:  They’re okay.  I’m just not a big prefold fan.  They require a bit more work than the other diapers and they’re not as absorbent.  But this is characteristic of prefolds, so I can’t really complain.  We use them during the day when we’re at home and I’m trying to make the stash last a little longer before I have to do laundry.  🙂  I do love how soft they are though!  Nathan doesn’t seem to mind them as long as I change them right when he wets them.

Thirsties covers: I really like the fitted cover.  It has inner gussets which are good for catching escaping poop.  The velcro definitely makes it easier (and faster) to finish diaper changing.  The Thirsties duo is nice because it’s adjustable and has snaps (which Nathan hasn’t figured out how to undo.)  The downside to this one is I have a hard time getting the fit right on him.

Fuzzi Bunz: we have three of these in size medium.  I love them!  They’re really soft because of the fleece lining and Nathan stays really dry in them.  They’re our nighttime diaper because I don’t have to worry about him feeling wet.  We use the FB insert that came with them, and add a doubler.  The snaps are nice because we don’t have to put pants on him at bedtime (it’s really hot here) and he can’t get out the diaper.  We learned the hard way that velcro is not for bedtime!  I was hoping they’d last him through his diaper experience but I don’t think they’re going to.  We’re on the last leg snap already.

Knickernappies one size: I haven’t used this one much so my opinion is still up-in-the-air about it.  I LOVE how soft it is inside!!!  I’m sure Nathan loves it too.  I’m just not sure what I think of the snaps.  It snaps backwards from the other diapers we have: the back flaps come around first, and the front flap snaps to to back via the side of the diaper.  It’s a little harder to put on because of this.  But I think I’m okay with that because it’s JUST SOOOOO SOFT!

The Flips are my favorites!!!  We have two covers and 6 inserts.  I love that I can just exchange the inserts and reuse the covers!  They seem to fit really well also.  I use them so much that I’ve figured out the snap settings and can get them on and off pretty quickly.  They’re our go-to diaper during the day.

The Bum Genious.  This pocket diaper works like the other pocket diapers.  I’m a fan of pocket diapers.  They’re super easy for the hubby and grandmas to use.  We’ve had one leak in this diaper, but that was at night when I forgot to double stuff it.  My bad.

Katydid one size.  These are new and I haven’t used them yet, so…no review.  Sorry.

Cutey Baby.  We have two of these.  I’m not sure what I think of them yet.  The velcro is removable which keeps the laundry chain away, but it’s a pain to remember to take the velcro off before putting it in the pail.  And because it’s removable, it’s pretty easy for Nathan to get off.  We have to keep pants on him with this diaper.  It’s a little big still, so we’ve had a few leaks.  I’m sure I’ll like it better once he’s grown into it.

Kawaii Baby one size: these are the cheaper version of bum geniouses.  They work pretty well considering what I paid for them!  LOVE the price!  The pocket opening is smaller, however, and harder to stuff.  And it looks like the velcro is going to wear out quickly.  But the colors are awesome!!  We’ll probably order more of these to use for both Nathan and Alex just because they’re wallet friendly.

Softbums (not pictured).  I LOVE LOVE LOVE softbums diapers!  They’re an all-in-two diaper, which I think are my favorites.  They fit Nathan perfectly and look like they’ll fit Alex well too – even when she’s little.  They get really small.  They’re super soft inside and out.  And, once again, I like being able to reuse the cover if he hasn’t wet through it.  We’re registering for several more to use for Nathan and Alex. They’re just really pricey.  😦

So here are my favorites:

1.  Flips

2. Softbums

3. Fuzzibunz pockets

4. Bum Genious pockets

We’ve thought about using cloth wipes.  I even made some.  I just can’t make myself make the switch just yet.  Something about them kinda grosses me out.  Maybe we’ll use them with Alex.


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