21 Weeks

Well, almost.  I will be tomorrow.

We had an appointment at the birth center to check on Alex.  I didn’t get to see either of my midwives, which was a bit sad.  They have SO MANY patients now (a very good thing!) that they’ve hired two part time midwives to help with appointments and cover calls on certain weekends.  We were scheduled to see one of the new midwives yesterday, but didn’t even see her.  They had a student midwife who is apparently finishing out her training with them.  So we saw her yesterday.  She was really nice and seemed to know what she was doing.  I hope I had that confidence when I was student teaching!

Anyway.  I’m measuring perfectly and have only gained 5 pounds so far.  (Very good since they were a bit concerned when I hadn’t gained anything last appointment.)  We went over the ultrasound from last week and everything looks great.  Alex’s heartbeat was in the 150’s and as soon as it came through the doppler Nathan started laughing.  🙂  She was moving around like crazy and the midwife had to keep “chasing” her to get a good reading of the heartrate.  She’s definitely an active little thing.

I asked her about picking up and carrying Nathan around since he’s starting to get heavier and I’m starting to get bigger.  She said it’s fine now, but in a couple of weeks I’m going to want to minimize how much I pick him up and carry him.  😦  That’s going to be hard for both of us.  So I’m going to start working with him on his walking.  Hopefully he’ll be walking on his own then which will make it easier for me to not be holding him so much.  I was hoping he’d have figured it out on his own by now – but he’s stubborn and won’t even try.  So we’ll work with him a bit more than we have been (staying away from that fine line of pushing him into something he’s not ready for) and see if we can’t get him to start walking on his own.

I also asked her about all of the braxton hicks I’ve been having (daily) and she seemed almost concerned.  They’re not regular by any stretch of the imagination and they’re not anywhere close to painful, and she relaxed quite a bit when I told her that.  She said just to watch them and keep a log of when they happen so that I know if I need to call Lesley or Judy.  I’ve also been ordered to drink more water.  Gosh, I’m going to be in the bathroom for the rest of this pregnancy.

I think that covers everything from the appointment.  Alex is healthy and I’m healthy.  Great news!

Tomorrow we shop for her and Nathan and I hopefully make my first big “two baby” purchase: a double stroller.  Agh!


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