The Loot

Last night my mom, Rita, and I spent the afternoon/evening at the Charleston Repeats Consignment Sale.  They have this sale twice a year and my mom and I have been to the last 4 sales.  The past two I was able to go to as a first time mom (early shopping time!) but this year I couldn’t – so we signed up to volunteer.  We shopped with the volunteers at 4 (an even earlier time than the first time moms) and then volunteered from 6-10 (while the first time moms shopped).  I don’t think my feet have ever hurt that much!  Not even when I was pregnant with Nathan or student teaching.  It was crazy how tired we all were when we left.  But we got lots of goodies and great steals!!

Here’s what I got: (I’m apologizing for the terrible pictures now.  Sorry for the poor quality!)

My first purchase of the night was this lovely double stroller.  It folds up nicely and is easy to use.  The back seat lays completely flat which will be great for Alex when she arrives.

This lovely highchair wasn’t a priority, but at $10 I HAD to buy it!!!  It even has a little tray on the back where Nathan can keep his sippy cup so he can reach it while he’s crawling around on the floor.  And now that we have a new highchair, I can sent the old one to my mother-in-law’s so she’ll have three and we don’t have to fight over them when Wesley comes to visit.  🙂

Pants for Alex

Dress and leggings for Alex.  These were new with the tags still on!!

More cute clothes for Alex

And some awesomely cute outfits for Alex!!

Rita found Alex some teeny tiny diapers – hard to believe she’ll be able to fit in them!

I found a brand new diaper bag for her since Nathan will have his cute little backpack.

And we got her a moses basket.  I’m going to make a cute liner for it that will match the bedding we’re going to get for the crib.

Nathan got a lion halloween costume.  Hopefully it’ll be cool enough this year for him to wear it.

I also picked up a reversible jacket for him.  I couldn’t resist since it’s GT colors.

A cute sweater for church.

A handsome little outfit I couldn’t pass up

Some long sleeved onesies

And some shoes that actually fit his feet.  At least for a month or so.  : )

I also got some maternity pants, two dresses, and a sweater for me.  We got a swing for Nathan’s “new” swingset and a stool for him to brush his teeth at the sink when he gets bigger.

Now I just have to find a place to put everything.


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