Since it’s been forever since I’ve taken any decent pictures of Nathan, I decided to take him outside for a little photoshoot yesterday.  As I knew would be the case, we wasn’t interested.  I couldn’t get him to stay still long enough to take a picture!  All he wanted to do was climb up on the porch (which I wasn’t letting him do because of all the nasty spider webs).  And below is what happens when the little mister doesn’t get his way.

So I finally gave in and let him on the porch.  Away from the spiders.

That’s his “I know how to get what I want” look.

After countless climbs up and down the porch steps he finally sat still for some pictures.  Thank you, husband, for not mowing the grass recently.  These little dandelions proved the perfect distraction for a curious little boy.

He was enjoying shaking them around and twisting the stems.

And you know he had to see how they tasted.

And then pull the flower off the stem ever so innocently.

Yes.  He’s all boy.  But he sure does take some cute pictures!  🙂


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