15 Months

I’ve been without a computer for over a week now.  Sorry for the lack of updates.  Nathan’s now 15 months old!  Here are some quick stats:

– He still weighs 22 pounds.  He’s finally slowed down his eating, which means his weight gain has slowed a bit too.

– He has 13 teeth.  13!  Geez.  And he’s still teething.  Thank you, amber teething necklace!

– He’s a walker runner.  I don’t think the kid does anything slowly anymore.  I love hearing his feet pitter-patter around the house.

– His obsession is putting object in other, bigger objects.  Hairbrushes in baskets, toys in buckets, keys in shoes.  You name it – every small object in our house finds a new home daily.  I found his paci in a dresser drawer tonight.

– He’s a talker.  It’s constant.  And a lot of it is understandable.  We have yet to hear a sentence from him, but he certainly knows enough words to make one if he wanted to!  I’ll attempt to list the words he knows, although I may forget a few.  Daddy, Mama, Cat (Dat), Dog, Bath, Water (Wadee), Outside (Owdie), Down, Up, Horse, Cow, Block, Brush, Teeth, Eye, Toe, Shoes, Dinner (Ninner), Banana (Manga – don’t know how he got that one), Milk, Juice, Car, Apple, Cracker, Hooray (Way!), Horton (Wanee – another random one), Pillow, Bird, Book, Clock, Cheese, Keys, Please (all of those three sound like TSSSSSEEEE), Thank You (Tant Too), More.  I think that covers all of them. 

– He loves his Daddy.  He hears Craig get home from work and goes running for the door saying “Daddy!  Daddy!” 

– He’s the king of temper tantrums.  They’re not very frequent, but when he doesn’t get his way he’ll poke his lip out and start crying.  If we don’t respond he’ll throw himself onto the floor and roll around like the world’s coming to an end.  It’s pretty hilarious. 

– He’s mommy’s little boy.  Or at least I like to pretend he is.  🙂  He still loves the snuggle before and after naptime and I’m soaking it all in before he wants nothing to do with me.  🙂   

– In three months he’ll be a big brother.  Time flies. 


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