Hello, Third Trimester

As of tomorrow I will be 28 weeks pregnant.  That brings us to the third trimester.  Already.  I guess that’s what happens when you’re pregnant and chasing a toddler around all day – time flies.

I haven’t done much updating as far as this pregnancy goes.  You’ll have to forgive me – I’m doing good these days to remember to feed the dog!  Case in point: she didn’t get breakfast until 3:30 today.  Oops.

So here’s what’s going on with Alex and her Mommy at the moment:

  • She weighs about 2.25 pounds and is around 14 inches long.
  • She can blink her eyes and her eyesight is developing.
  • She loves to kick her brother when he sits on her.  🙂
  • She plays in my ribs a lot more than Nathan ever did.  In fact, she overall moves a lot more than Nathan did.  He never really kept me up at night.  She does.  Is this any indication of how different their personalities are going to be?
  • She’s a brute.
  • The third trimester symptoms are kicking in for me: I’m tired all the time, my legs cramp up frequently, and the nausea is back a little bit.  But all-in-all things are going well.
  • I’ve also begun nesting.  My house (well, most of it) has been clean for two weeks straight!
  • My glucose test is next week.  Hopefully I’ll pass this one the first time!




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