Countdown Blocks

My new obsession is with block decor.  I don’t know if I ever posted them, but I made Thanksgiving blocks for the fall season.  I painted them fall colors and had the blocks spell out “Give Thanks”.  I loved them so much that I wanted to make Christmas ones too.

The result?  Some pretty awesome Christmas countdown blocks!

A while back I bought a giant strip of 1×1 (or mayber 2×2) wood (don’t even ask me what kind – I don’t know).  I cut it all up into cubes that sit in a bag and wait to be turned into awesome block decor.  I had a longer strip of wood leftover that I used for the base.   I also had some leftover holiday paper that I’ve been using the last few years to make Christmas cards.  I used four different paper patterns, cut out the block shape on them, and used modge podge (my all time favorite crafting stuff!) to glue them to the blocks.  After they dried I sanded the edges a bit to give them a worn look.  Then I cut out numbers, a few shapes, and the word “countdown” in red and green paper and modge podged these to the blocks.  Make sure you use a good bit of modge podge to seal them.  On one block I have the numbers 1-6, on another block I have the numbers 1-5 and a Christmas tree, and on the third block I have the numbers 7-0 with a couple of other Christmas shapes (like the star).  This way I have enough letters to countdown.  The block not being used for the countdown becomes the top of the tower.  Does that make sense?  Probably not.

Anyway.  I’m pretty excited about them!  They look awesome.  And in the future, they’ll help Nathan with his numbers because he’ll be able to change the countdown each day.

Yes, that number is correct.  Only 35 days until Christmas!


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