16 months and 8 months

I’m 11 days late on this post.  But you have pictures now that you wouldn’t have seen 11 days ago.  So get over it.  🙂

See?  Worth the wait!

Nathan’s 16 months old.  He’s getting big soooo fast.  He weighs 24 pounds and is getting difficult to pick up (or maybe that’s due to his sister getting in the way!)  His vocabulary is expanding every day, along with the number of teeth in his mouth!  I *think* we’re at 15 teeth now, but I can’t be sure.  I’m not brave enough to stick my finger in there to count them!  We’ve lost count of the number of words he knows as well.  There are just too many of them!  He’s starting to speak in small sentences now, too.  (By sentences, I mean two or three words.  🙂  )  The other morning through the monitor I heard him talking when he woke up.  He dropped his paci out of his crib and said “come here paci”.  What a silly boy.  He repeats just about everything we say and makes sure we always know he’s in the room.  He’s definitely a talker!

Our big boy is sleeping in his toddler bed at naptime now.  He transitioned to it pretty easily after only two or three “rough” days in which he didn’t nap – he just played in his bed until we gave up and moved him to his crib.  Our next step is to work on getting him to sleep in his bed at night instead of the crib.  We’ll start that transition as soon as I get all of the loud toys out of his room so that he doesn’t wake us up when he figures out how to get out of bed.  🙂

In addition to Nathan being 16 months old, Alex is 31 (almost 32) weeks “old”.  If you do the math, that means I’m in my 8th month of pregnancy.  Not much longer now!  We went to see the midwife last week for an appointment and everything looks great.  I’m measuring right on and Alex sounds awesome.  She could potentially come in 6 weeks!  I really need to get busy around the house!

Be on the lookout for a Thanksgiving update soon!



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