We’re Not Ready

Nathan is currently in his crib, trying to go to sleep, without his pacifier.  If the cries for “paci” are any indication, he’s not ready for this transition.  Neither am I.  😦

But I guess this is what happens when the kid’s favorite activity is hiding things.  He’s hidden his paci well (and the other 6+ we used to have).  We searched the whole house and can’t find it.  He had it when he got up from naptime.  Who knows where he managed to put it!  It’s not in any of his usual hiding places: the entertainment center cabinet, the drawers in the dining room hutch, the kitchen cabinet, or his wagon.  It’s not under any piece of furniture or in his toy bin.  And he’s still awake and crying.  😦

Our plan was to actually have a plan when we decided to get rid of the paci.  Something like only using it for bedtime and naps before getting rid of it completely.  So much for that.

Poor kid.  We aren’t ready for this.  Looks like we’ll be making a stop at Walmart tomorrow for pacifiers.  Or tonight if he doesn’t calm down.


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