Ladies and Gentlemen…

we have a playroom!  And this time it’s not just a junk room-office-guest room-storage room-playroom.  It’s a real play room.  Well, sort of.  The closet is still storing ALL of my craft supplies (which are overflowing a bit) and my desk is still in there with my laptop and other desk-type materials.  But that’s because there just aren’t enough rooms in our house.  The majority of the room, however, now houses most of Nathan’s toys, books, blocks, cars, and every obnoxious noise-maker he owns.  It’s nice to have it all out of our living room.  🙂  It’s amazing how many places a child takes over in your home.

For example:

1.  The nursery.  Which now holds not just a crib and changing table, but a toddler bed as well.  Apparently that’s what happens when you’re expecting baby #2.  Yes, our children will share a room.  At least for the time being.

2. The main downstairs bathroom.  The tub is filled with tub toys.  Baby towels and washcloths are in a basket on the counter.  The trash can is really a diaper pail.  And the closet is filled with baby medicine, shampoo, a baby tub, and any other miscellaneous items that don’t have a home.

3.  The playroom.  As previously mentioned, it now holds the majority of Nathan’s toys.  And, in a few months, will probably house a bouncer, swing, and/or pack n play as well.

4. The living room.  Before the playroom our living room WAS the playroom.  Now it’s a living room.  Kind of.  There are still toys and a child sized rocking chair in here.  Nathan has to have something to do while we watch TV.

5.  The kitchen.  Nathan has a cupboard all his own.  Alex will have one of her own as well when she arrives.  Thinking about this really makes me wish we had a pantry!

6.  The master bedroom.  There’s a glider in here (for future sleepless nights with Alex and previous sleepless nights with Nathan), a few books and baby toys, and there will soon be a moses basket and stand.

7.  The master bath.  We’re doing pretty good here.  The only kids item in this room is a bottle of baby shampoo for the mornings we’re running behind and Nathan showers with Craig.

8.  The dining room.  Not only is our high chair in here, we have our very own custom built play cabinet!  Not really, but Nathan thinks so.  One of his favorite past times is opening and closing the drawers on the hutch.  And hiding every object possible in said drawers.

Even with a nursery and playroom dedicated solely to children’s items and entertainment, they are still taking over our house.  And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


One thought on “Ladies and Gentlemen…

  1. Finally remembered to chek your blog! Sounds like the effort to keep toys and baby things to one space will be an endless crusade 🙂

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