34 weeks

We hit the 34 week mark yesterday!  Getting close now.  Hopefully the next 3-7 weeks will fly by.

I had a prenatal appointment today at the birth center.  Alex looks great and I’m still measuring perfectly.  I’ve gained a total of 21 pounds so far this pregnancy – pretty good!   I was having regular braxton hicks last night for a couple of hours – they averaged about 10 minutes apart.  Laurie was a little concerned about that and told me to call in if it happens again.  Hopefully Alex will stay put and not give us any more scares for the next 3 weeks.  If I go into labor before 37 weeks we’ll have to head to the hospital, which is definitely not our first choice.  So it looks like I’ll be taking it easy for the next few weeks until we hit the “safe zone”.   I wonder how that will affect the to-do list?  Ugh.


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