To-Do and an update

Nathan is now 17 months old.  Crazy!  I’ll do a real post on this later.  If I remember.
I’m 34 (almost 35) weeks pregnant.  Any time after two weeks from Thursday Alex will be allowed to safely make an appearance.  Am I ready?  Physically?  Yes.  I’m miserable in case you missed that memo.  Emotionally?  Yes.  I’m ready to meet this little girl.  Is my house ready?  It’s getting there.
We’re getting oh-so-much closer to Alex’s arrival.  So I thought I’d take a look at the to-do list progress.  New items added to the list are in blue.

  • Make Christmas gifts for Thanksmas (our Christmas celebration with my in-laws on Thanksgiving)
  • Make Christmas gifts for Christmas
  • Make Christmas decorations
  • Decorate for Christmas
  • Take down decorations after Christmas (and before baby!)
  • Clean and organize laundry room
  • Get junk out of Craig’s game/workout room
  • Clean out guest bedroom/office/playroom
  • Organize, box up, and label Nathan’s old clothes
  • Wash and put away Alex’s clothes (Thanks, Rita, for the clothes!)
  • Make a cover for Alex’s moses basket
  • Discover a better cloth diapering setup (maybe in the bathroom?)
  • Stock freezer with meals for after Alex arrives (this is halfway crossed out because there are some meals in the freezer, but not as many as I would like)
  • Shop for baby supplies for Alex (cloth diapers, pacifiers, bottles, etc)
  • Make Alex’s crib bedding
  • Pack birth center bag for me and Alex
  • Pack Nathan’s overnight bag
  • Install infant car seat
  • Clear a space to park in the garage
  • Move bassinet upstairs and stock with night-time changing supplies

It’s probably not a good sign when you add as many things to your to-do list as you cross out.  At this rate, I may never get finished!



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