Waffles and Rocking Chairs

Nathan has found himself a very predictable morning routine.  It goes something like this:

7:50am – Wake up and talk through all of the words he knows.

8:15am (or somewhere around there) – drop his paci out of his toddler bed and stand at the rail and cry.  Even though he knows how to get out of bed.  I suppose he does this to get ME out of bed.

8:20/8:30 – I get my lazy self out of bed and rescue his paci from the terrible floor.  With a giggle as a reward, I pick him up and we head to the living room for a diaper change, pointing out the clock, tree, and star as we go.

8:30 – I pull out the toaster and hear excited little calls for “waffles” from the other room.  When the toaster pops, Nathan says “pop – more waffle!” and does a little dance.  (Or cries hysterically if I’m not fast enough for him.)

8:30 – He sits in his toddler-sized rocking chair in the living room with his waffle and cup of milk.  He rocks back and forth while eating breakfast and watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.  When breakfast is finished he asks for a banana or apple.  Only once that is finished does he get up to play.

Silly boy.



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