You know you’re 9 months pregnant when…

If you don’t follow me on Twitter and/or Facebook, then you don’t know that I have strep throat.  And am 36+ weeks pregnant.  This makes for a terrible combination.  In addition to having no energy, my throat hurts constantly and I have to give myself a pep talk every time I need to swallow.  Needless to say I’ve been spending a lot of time on the couch being bored out of my mind.

This state of boredom led me to a message board on of moms expecting babies around the same time I am.  I’ve been mindlessly browsing the site off and on all day.  They started a post in which everyone contributes thoughts that go along with the phrase *YOU KNOW YOU’RE NINE MONTHS PREGNANT WHEN…*.  There are some pretty awesome ones I read.  A lot of them were read to Craig and we laughed about them together.  Sadly, most of them are true.  Here are some of my favorites:


  • you want to sit and watch a one hour long show, so you spend 30 minutes walking around the house gathering everything you might possibly need (cell, laptop, book, water, pillow, blanket…etc)…
  • You get mad at the dog for lapping his water too loudly, the cat for meowing, and then feel bad and cry for telling your furry cuties to “shut up!!”.
  • Your hubby stops questioning your demands or emotional outbursts and just does what you say with a hint of fear in his eyes;)
  • You fill a plate full of food, eat 4 bites, and are so stuffed you can’t stand the thought of another bite…… 15 minutes later you’re starving again.
  • You go pee, wipe, stand up and pull up your sweats.  You pause, take down the sweats and pee again before even leaving the bathroom.
  • when you sleep on your side and to change to the other side, instead of just flipping over, you have to brace yourself, push yourself over, change the pillow position, etc… (and then you have to pee!)
  • When there is not enough room for you, your belly, your body pillow, AND DH/SO on the bed with out running into each other all night.
  • when you change your toddler’s stinky diaper, and then you have to go change your own pants because you tried so hard not to barf that you peed your pants
  • When you are proud of yourself for doing a whole half hours worth of cleaning without taking a break.
  • You bought cuter slippers. So you never have to put on shoes again.
  • when you look around you and everyone else is shivering while you’re wiping sweat from your forehead.

So true.



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