Almost 37 weeks

We had an appointment at the birth center Monday.  Everything looks great!  I’ve gained 25 pounds so far (less than where I was at this point with Nathan) and am measuring right on track.  Alex’s heartbeat sounded good.  Nathan laughed when he heard it.  🙂  We got a TENS machine to try and help relieve some back pain.  It can also be used in labor.  I tried it out tonight and it really did help with the pain in my lower back.  Awesome!

We also had an appointment with the obgyn on call (in case of emergency) and he cleared us for delivery at the birth center.  Lesley (midwife) gave us a list of things to start doing to prepare for labor.  We’ll see how long it takes this time!  Nathan came 5 days before his due date.  Lesley’s on call next weekend (14/15th) so that’s what we’re hoping for.  I’m perfectly fine with any of the midwifes delivering Alex, but I thought it would be neat if Lesley delivers her because she delivered Nathan.  Here’s hoping!

I managed to find a little bit of energy today to get some shopping done and work on Alex’s bedding.  Now if I could just kick this sickness, we’d be good to go!


2 thoughts on “Almost 37 weeks

  1. Oh and Gran would love to have a birthday baby too! (Jan 13) 😀

    Maybe it’s because I’m not pregnant too … maybe because we’re too distracted with the other littles to notice … but did this pregnancy fly by? I feel like it was just a month or two ago that we were sitting at my dining room table and you guys told us she was on the way!

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