2 Days Old

Alex had her checkup yesterday with our pediatrician.  He said everything looks great.  He was a little concerned that she might be a tad jaundiced, so he ran a test that came out borderline.  We had to go back in this morning for more blood work to see if it’s going up or down.  We should have the results back sometime this afternoon.

The nurse from the Birth Place came out to check on us today.  She said she doesn’t think Alex looks jaundiced at all.  Hopefully she’s right!  She said we both look great.  Alex is an excellent nurser and my milk has already started to come in.  She was down to 7 pounds 10.5 ounces, but should start gaining now that my milk’s coming in.

Nathan’s having a bit of a time adjusting to the changes.  He’s GREAT with Alex and loves to “help”.  He was rocking her in her carseat this morning when she was fussy.  And he tried to shove her paci in her mouth backwards while she was sleeping.  🙂  He brings me her blanket when I ask for it and gets SOOOO excited when we tell him he’s being a great helper.  But he doesn’t understand why Mommy can’t pick him up (midwife’s orders for a week) and why I can’t give him all of my attention whenever he wants it.  Hopefully he’ll adjust soon.  It helps a lot that Craig is home and can give him a lot of attention and help with Alex so that I can sit with Nathan.  We sat in the rocker this morning and read his Bible for about 30 minutes while she napped.  We just have to make sure we keep making alone time for him.

All in all everyone’s doing great!  We’re just trying to make sure to stay somewhat caught up on sleep when we can.  Wish us luck with that.  🙂


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